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RV with open doors and chairs kept beside

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Camping in the Rockies within the West Country offers an unparalleled adventure for RV enthusiasts. Roaming through the picturesque landscapes, your RV becomes your home on wheels, providing comfort amidst the rugged wilderness. As you navigate winding mountain roads and discover hidden gems, each campsite presents a new opportunity to immerse yourself in nature's beauty. Whether nestled beside a tranquil alpine lake or beneath towering evergreens, the experience of waking up to breathtaking vistas and crisp mountain air is simply unmatched. From starlit evenings by the campfire to daytime hikes along pristine trails, every moment spent camping in the Rockies promises excitement and serenity in equal measure.

Here are some resources to help plan your RV adventure:

RVDA of Alberta 

David Thompson Country 

Travel Alberta 

Town of Rocky Mountain House

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